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Addressing Developmental Delays in Early Childhood in Tanzania


In Tanzania, 53% of children aged 2-5 in low-income households are facing developmental delays that impact their health, learning, and psychosocial well-being. These delays can have long-lasting consequences, affecting their future opportunities and success. TECEC focused on addressing this critical issue by targeting communities where the needs are greatest. Our goal is to provide quality ECD programs that help children ages 0-8 to be developmentally on track, achieving the necessary milestones for their age group.

The Impact of Developmental Delays:

Developmental delays in early childhood can have significant implications for children's overall well-being. When children do not meet the expected milestones for their age group, they may struggle in different areas such as cognitive development, social skills, and emotional regulation. These delays can also lead to challenges in school readiness, academic achievement, and overall health outcomes. Without early intervention and support, these disadvantages can persist throughout their lives, hindering their potential and opportunities for success.

Our Approach:

At TECEC we understand the importance of early intervention and support in addressing developmental delays in young children. We work closely with communities where the need is greatest, implementing evidence-based programs that focus on holistic child development. Through a combination of educational, health, and psychosocial initiatives, we aim to ensure that children aged 0-8 receive the necessary support to reach their full potential.
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