Who we are?

Tanzania Early Childhood Education and Care (TECEC) is a local non-profit organization rooted with the primary goal to empowering and support parents, caregivers and pre-school teachers to delivery direct quality early childhood services and programs to young children during the early years in low-income families in Tanzania.

TECEC formally registered under the NGO Act of 2002 with registration No. 00NGO/R/4682.

TECEC efforts and resources targets communities where the needs are greatest to help young children be developmentally on track on health, learning and psycho-social well being by achieving the minimum number of milestones expected for their age group.

TECEC envision to help every child to thrive in Tanzania.

.....We learn and collaborate to realize our dream mission of ensuring every child, from conception to age 8, receives the finest early start in life.

Our Model is Holistic & Collaborative
TECEC is rooted and strongly believe in the principle that those affected by a problem are best positioned to solve it. We prioritize working closely with young children, parents, caregivers, and preschool teachers to ensure a holistic approach to helping young children thrive. We recognize that the involvement of the community is crucial for impactful and sustainable solutions.
By empowering and collaborating with those directly affected, TECEC aim to create inclusive and community-centered change. Through our approach, we strive to ensure that resources and efforts are directed to those most affected, ensuring our solutions benefit the entire community
Help us reach our goal of giving 10,000 children the finest early start in life annually. Your contribution is what keeps us going.
On behalf of the children, we thank you for your kindness and support.
Meet the team
Board of Directors
  • Fr. Leons Maziku
    Board of Directors Member
  • Marietha Massimba
    Board of Directors Member
  • Suzana Salim
    Board of Directors Chairperson
  • Dr. Titus Pacho
    Board of Directors Member
Advisory Board
  • Anne Njine
    Advisory Board Member- Kenya
  • Jasen Booton
    Advisory Board Member (Ambassador) United Kingdom
  • Emiliano Aguilar
    Advisory Board Member-Argentina
  • Helena Uzayisenga
    Advisory Board Member-Kigali Rwanda
  • Asya Dragoon
    Chair Advisory Board-Moscow Russia
  • Joel Elphas
    Executive Director
  • Elizabeth Joseph
    Director of Program & Operations
  • Fredrick Hebron
    Finance & Administration Manager
  • Esther Macha
    Senior ECD Specialist & Program Manager
  • Victor Deogratius
    Monitoring, Evaluation, Research & Learning Officer
  • Megan Jackson
    Regional Coordinator-Arusha
  • Afia Kyei
    ECD & Special Need Education Specialist
  • Regina Didas
    Office Administrator
  • Vanessa Barfuss
    Development & Partnership
  • Francis Issara
    Assistant ECD Advocacy
  • Agnes Swai
    Assistant ECD Advocacy
  • Vitus Audax
    Social media and Photography

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